We use Quantum dot technology to alter the size of herbal particles from 100 to 50 nanometers or less. By adjusting the ingredients to a micronized level, a bioactive structure called a Quantum dot is created.

Quantum dots target specific goals within your cells to heal, repair and improve symptoms. As a result, the enhanced herbal supplements are able to accomplish unique jobs that can be felt immediately.


More than 40 years of knowledge, research and experience go into the development of German herbal supplements. Our German laboratory have utilized new technology to create biological health solutions that meet both U.S. and European standards.

They are passionate about creating all natural supplements that are made purely from herbs, minerals, vitamins and amino acids. They scientifically enhance these ingredients to increase their effect on the mind and body, all while preserving their natural properties. Each of their products is rigorously tested in our clinical studies before we distribute them to ensure their usage is proven and effective.

All natural

No chemicals,
no sinthetics

Nano ingredients – bioactive
quantum dot to boost