A fundamental problem of phytotherapy is to make the active ingredient of the plant available to the body. This is often ineffectively by the classical methods, aqueous, ethanolic, oily extract or by dissolving in supercritical carbon dioxide.

g-Quantlab products are based on micronized herbal/natural formulas under Quantum dot procedure, which alters the size of the ingredients particles from 100 up to 50 NM nanometers and less, creating layer structures between the different materials.

During this process it is formed a stable bioactive structure called quantum dot. Quantum dots will emit precise frequencies for specific applications in each product.

In addition, g-Quantlab formulas boost from 1.6 up to 5,000 times on average the power of the original herbal ingredient, which once combined as a special formulation, can reach an extraordinary increase in bio-availabilities, meaning the acceptance of the substances in the cells.

Biophysical Quantum Dot Technology: The evolution of natural formulas

Our Lab. team in Germany has gathered extensive experience and knowledge as a manufacturer of immune-biological and isobathic pharmaceuticals for more than 40 years and used this expertise to develop innovative products. The development required new scientific ideas, an innovative team and the hard work of many colleagues.

Our products are developed and manufactured exclusively in Germany at a complex laboratory leading in microbiology, biochemistry and biotechnology. All of our products have been previously rigorously tested.


Biophysical Quantum Dot Technology: The evolution of natural formulas

Biophysical Quantum dot technology is able to enhance the effect of biological active molecules dramatically. In phytotherapy, there are thousands of natural substances that can heal. The disadvantage is their rather weak effect. It would be necessary to take big amounts for a very long time. The functional QD additives are characterized by the use of small quantities by a high degree of efficiency. The composition of these additives and manufacturing technology are unique in the world.

For this, g-Quantlab formulations are worldwide unique health products, mix of phyto medicine (herbs, species, minerals, vitamins, aminoacids) and complex technology. Its effectiveness is based on its “bio-active quantum dots”, which greatly enhances the physiological effects of natural substances.

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All natural supplement


No chemicals, no synthetics

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Nano ingredients & bioactive quantum dot to boost effectiveness