Anxiety basics

Anxiety is a body’s natural response to stress, and it’s a common experience in most people. This is an emotion characterized by feelings of fear, tension, worried thoughts and physical changes. Fortunately, there are many anxiety remedies.


Sometimes it is easy to recognize when you are suffering an anxious moment, but if you’re not sure what does anxiety feel, these symptoms will help you to identify it:

– Fast heartbeat & rapid breathing
– Sweating
– Dizziness
– Headache
– Panic
– Difficulty concentrating
– Irrational anger or irritability
– Restlessness & sleeplessness

Anxiety Remedies

There are many activities that you can try to lower this feeling of apprehension. To clarify, it may take you time, but it will work with a little patient.

Here are some suggestions for combat this common and uncomfortable situation in our lives:

1. Listen to music: play those songs that make you remember good times, relaxed places, and better moments. Listening to music calms your mind and body.

anxiety remedies: listen to music

2. Exercise: it lowers your body’s stress hormones and reduces symptoms of anxiety. It helps release endorphins, which are chemicals that improve your mood and act as natural painkillers.

3. Essential oils: aromatherapy promotes relaxation and relieves anxiety naturally. Bergamot orange, lavender, lemon, rose, geranium, and patchouli, are the most popular calming scents.

4. Reduce caffeine intake: high doses of caffeine can stimulate and increase anxiety because of its natural effects. It also can bring on the jitters.

5. Green tea, dark chocolate, salmon, eggs, and yogurt are foods may help you reduce anxiety. Eating a healthful diet should provide all the nutrients needed for healthy brain function.

Anxiety remedies: talk to a friend

6. Spend time with people you love: social relationships help you get through stressful times and lower your risk of anxiety.

Although these are easy to follow tips, it is recommended to visit a specialist if anxiety and stress get out of control.

To sum up, anxiety disorder is a condition that you must pay it the necessary attention. Love yourself, take care of yourself.


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